Crafting on the go

The girls and I are currently travelling. This means I am away from the craft room, but not away from crafting. While they do travel with their various electronics of choice to keep entertained, I am a big believer in bringing craft supplies with me for when they get bored.

In their backpacks, they each have a big gallon-size zipper-bag with various supplies to keep them busy. This time, we packed the following:

  • a small notebook
  • tiny colored pencils (I keep the ones they bring back at the end of the school year, shorter means easier to pack!)
  • a dozen pipe cleaners. They can amuse themselves for hours making rings or robots. They can then be taken apart and put back together!
  • a small ball of yarn

The yarn I brought because on this trip, I taught the girls Finger Knitting. This is super easy to do and very easy to bring with you anywhere you go.

I did have one more thing with me that I surprised them with: this finger print art set.

I adore this kit because it is self-contained in the tin, the ink is totally washable (I keep baby wipes on me just in case) and they can come up with a thousand ideas of what to draw.

You could put your own similar kit together with ink and stamps from the craft store and put them in a baggie. OR, you could enter to win your own kit from clubmom vendor Mortimer Snodgrass! Thats right: comment below or share this post on Facebook to be entered to win your own Finger Print art kit!

Guest Blogger: Virginia Champoux-Sokoloff is the owner of a funky gift store and the mom of 2 adorable girls. She is also a life-long insomniac who loves to craft in the middle of the night. She has been known to re-upholster furniture or paint the floors of her house while everyone is asleep. A blogger since the days of dial-up, she chronicles her craft and DIY projects on her blog,

2 thoughts on “Crafting on the go

  1. ok, we are huge into the stamping thing now only because my two year old can get into it….the markers are good too but she finds those still hard to get them to do what she wants but the stamp/pad awesome!
    thanks for the info

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