Playing with Buttons

My kids have been home all week for winter break, so we have been crafting away. Some crafts have been more successful than others, and my next post will be more daring and will uncover what you need to know to be a crafty mom. But for now, let me tell you how much fun you can have with buttons!

The great thing about buttons is that you can buy a mixed bag at any craft store or your local large discount chain, like the dollar store. There are multitudes of fabulous fun tutorials online, here are a few of my favorites:

My personal favorite though, is making jewelry from buttons. You can make necklaces, bracelets, rings, even headbands. The only limits are your imagination and your ability to string things!


Buttons, pipe cleaner OR gimp OR embroidery floss OR skinny rope. The trick is to pick bigger buttons and strings for little kids and smaller buttons and string for older kids/adult.

We started by reading instructions for this Layered Button Bracelet on the Craft Envy blog. Being an adult, I lined up all my buttons in a row and made a pattern. My kids were a bit more free-wheeling and just made piles of their favorite buttons and had fun with it.






The one very helpful suggestion I would make is that you start your piece as follows: take TWICE as much string as you will need and make a loop-knot on the end. This will act as your clasp to closing your bracelet or necklace. Even my little girl is now able  to put on her own bracelet by simply pulling the loop over the last button on her creation.






Once we were done with our bracelets, we improvised some rings, some with gimp and some with pipe cleaners for easy adjustment. They have been wearing their creations for a couple of days and are asking to make more. And for all the neat moms out there, this is a totally MESS-FREE project.

Guest Blogger: Virginia Champoux-Sokoloff is the owner of a funky gift store and the mom of 2 adorable girls. She is also a life-long insomniac who loves to craft in the middle of the night. She has been known to re-upholster furniture or paint the floors of her house while everyone is asleep. A blogger since the days of dial-up, she chronicles her craft and DIY projects on her blog,

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  1. Wait til you hear the comments you’ll get! I’ve been wearing a button bracelet that one of the girls made when she was 5? or so & have gotten offers to buy it! Such fun!

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